Update on the (ISC)² Chapter Switzerland General Assembly

Dear friends and colleagues,

A short update from the new board after the (ISC)2 Swiss chapter General Assembly which took place in Bern on 30th March. Many thanks to those who attended in person.

Kelly Richdale, John Alexakis and Cristian Dumitrescu were re-elected to the board.  Camillo Lucini stepped down form the board due to work commitments. Christoph Ernst and Sandro Cadosch, who have served as auditor and treasurer respectively since the founding of the Swiss chapter, stepped down from their roles and we thank both of them and Camillo very much for their great contributions to the chapter and their faithful support over the years.
However, Sandro was elected as the chapter auditor, so you will still see him at the next General Assembly.
New board members are: Erich Vogt (who is also running our Safe and Secure Online program), Enrico Fontan and Andrey Mityukov.

You can see the composition of our new board here https://www.isc2chapter-switzerland.ch/board/

We look forward to seeing you all at the next conference or (ISC)2 event,!

Best regards,

The Board of (ISC)Chapter Switzerland

Kelly, John, Cristian, Enrico, Erich and Andrey

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